7 Foods That Increase Your Blood Pressure.

Do you know that around 1.2 billion people, across the globe, show the signs of dangerously high blood pressure? Also termed as hypertension these figures are released by the World Health Organization (WHO), which compels us to opt for our blood pressure test as a proactive measure.

Furthermore, the report introduces us to the fearsome reality about the condition of increased blood pressure that is seen at a younger age due to fat and salt as the main ingredient.

In this piece of article, we are putting forth the list of 7 foods that gives you high blood pressure.

You will be surprised to see the 7th food item that increases your blood pressure and hence it is included in the list of the foods that cause high blood pressure in the end!

1. Licorice.

No doubt the taste of licorice is not very tempting but it does have certain natural ingredients to eradicate the cough related hazards. It is always recommended as an organic solution for rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties but seldom will it be useful on high blood pressure treatment at home!

This leguminous plant Licorice also contains a very high amount of sodium compounds, which falls under the category of those foods that increase blood pressure. Hence it is always recommended to take a specialist’s opinion before consuming licorice – if you are the patient of hypertension.

2. Crab sticks.

Crab sticks are one of the highly loved dishes throughout the world and the master-dish of a connoisseur of foods! Do you know its ingredients and its preparation method?

Typically, this dish is the blend with different types- salty or river water fishes – which are unequivocally not-in-demand! Foods that cause high blood pressure like phosphates, salt, and sugar are added in higher quantities to enhance the recipe taste during its manufacturing stage.

If you consume crab sticks daily, the probability of falling prey to high blood pressure is very high!

3. The Ramen.

Though Ramen resembles Chinese noodles, its origin is from Japan. The main reason for its popularity is its taste and highly reasonable price. This tasty dish is served with almost all types of Japanese food items and makes it a perfect snack between two meals.

But do not go with the taste as it contains two foods that are bad for high blood pressure patients – Monosodium Glutamate and Sodium – which are the artificial preservatives that are vulnerable to many people. When you consume one serving of Ramen noodles, your intake of Sodium is 2gms, which is sufficient enough to give dangerously high blood pressure within minutes that will restrict any kind of emergency treatment for high blood pressure at home.

4. Chocolate.

Irrespective of its positive factors, Chocolate when consumed excessively can contribute to dangerously high blood pressure and increase blood pressure beyond tolerable limits.

Do you know why Chocolate falls into the category of those foods that increase blood pressure? Because, an excessive amount of sugar intake is similar to (or in most of the cases – more harmful) eating excessive salt or sodium products.

The excessive sugar in the body further gets converted into Bad Cholesterol, which sticks to the blood-vessel walls giving dangerously high blood pressure instantaneously or deteriorating the existing hypertension issues. In case you are a regular sweet chocolate consumer – it is recommended to reduce its consumption and also get your blood pressure test done on top priority!

5. Cereal bars.

It is an edible bar of the compressed cereals held together with eatable adhesive. You can get these bars in any supermarket. These bars taste very delightful. But remember, if you carry hypertension; do not consume Cereal Bars as it is one of the foods that cause high blood pressure!

Don’t you think that it is an irony wherein cereals are highly recommended to treat high blood pressure as present in the oats? Then how can they be the food, which gives you high blood pressure when converted into cereal bars?

Well, the manufacturing process of these bars utilizes lots of Trans-Fats, salts, and heavy amounts of sugar, which gets converted into LDL i.e. Bad Cholesterol when consumed regularly. Hence cereals bars fall into the category of those kinds of foods bad for high blood pressure!

6. Sugared Drinks

It is the universal truth and confirmed in many medical reports that sugared drinks are the main culprit for causing diabetes and other sugar-related issues. Furthermore, recent studies have confirmed that the intake of sugared drinks for a longer period regularly, converts it into Bad Cholesterol. This leads to hypertension and gives dangerously high blood pressure.

To elaborate further, sugar and salts are converted into fats upon reaching the Liver. And the current lifestyle, which does not allow sufficient exercising, tends the fat saturation in the blood vessel walls leading to Triglycerides (lipid accumulation in the blood). Thus, In due course of time, all the consumed sugared water will embrace for emergency treatment for high blood pressure at home if not curtailed at the earliest.

The best high blood pressure treatment at home, especially in this scenario is to commence the drinks that contain natural sweeteners. And, the final remedy is to consume natural water (H2O).

7. Sparkling water.

One bottle of carbonated water or a bottle of gas to satisfy the thirst in THAT hot day acts as divine nectar. But remember, this so-called divine nectar or sparkling water can never be friendly with those having high blood pressure. This drink is severely prone to dangerously high blood pressure and hence you should positively stop consuming it.

Not only the sugar contents are very high in these carbonated waters’ but also various types of chemicals are blended, which are harmful to the heart. Most of the studies have confirmed that bottled water harms health. If you have consumed it for many months, it is advised to go for the blood pressure test. If the level is found to be dangerously high blood pressure, you can work towards reducing the same!