6 Early Warning Signs of Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Melanoma breast cancer lung cancer colorectal cancer ovarian cancer brain cancer

Across the world, cancer research is at its peak giving very fruitful results that help to fight almost all types of cancers. Especially, the focus is given on the most common types of cancers that women are susceptible to Melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, and stomach cancer!

The specialty of these types of cancers is their contradictory formation, which might be very fast or very slow within the body. To – overpower cancer do regular body check-ups so that it can be identified at an early stage.

The following are some of the early warning signs of cancer:

6. Chronic Coughing

Common cough is the trickiest disease across the world as it can be an early sign of cancer! Do not panic, as getting cough and cold that is vanished after a few days or weeks with hardly any medication does not imply any cancerous symptoms.

Even healthy beings get infected by common cough. The reason why it tricks us is – if this cough continues for more than a couple of weeks, get it checked from a qualified medical practitioner as it might be an early stage of cancer.

5. Chronic Headache

There are various types of headaches, which do not fall in the category of cancer signs. Some of the common types are head pain are due to gastric irregularities, migraines, or any other related illness.

The problem peeps up when the actual root cause of the headache is not ascertained and it might be an early sign of cancer. Even after normal medication if your headache does not surrender get yourself checked at once!

4. Lots of Fatigue

Getting tired is the part and parcel of the current lifestyle. Even the growing age factor blended with the hectic daily life can give any women lots of fatigue.

But you should never compare this tiredness with a symptom of cancer unless you get it without much of the laborious work and pressure! Get yourself checked with the reasons for your tiredness.

3. Nausea and Stomach Pain

Remember, without any concrete reason if you get queasy blended with stomach-ache, it can be an early sign of cancer that is related to the pancreas.

Also, continual belly pain, stomach upset, heartburn, and struggling to swallow food can be related to various other types of diseases including the early signs of cancer. A thorough diagnosis has to be done; especially all the tests related to cancer are a must in this case.

2. Sudden Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most prominent signs that should never be ignored as it is considered to be the foremost symptom of cancer. Usually, the body shreds its weight without any concrete reason unless you are following the dieticians’ food plan for weight reduction.

But, if it so happens that there is an abrupt weight loss within a few weeks or months then definitely something is wrong. Get yourself checked as it can be an early sign of cancer.

1. Loss of Appetite

Once a while, losing appetite is very normal for women. But if it continues and starts without any reason, it is a sign of bad health.

If a woman suddenly loses her hunger or completely feels like not eating anything for days together, it can be an early sign of cancer.